My name is John and have been suffering for the past 15 years with muscle tears in both of my calf’s , caused by excessive road running/ jogging and wearing poor quality sneakers.

I started running in my 20’s and after several years developed tears in both of my calf muscles. In 2004 I had to start going to physical therapy for massages and e-stimulus because the pain became too much and over the next couple of years I had to stop running altogether because the therapy was not working.

In 2010 my doctor recommended PRP injections, witch involves taking your own platelets from your blood and injecting it back into the injured area of my calf’s. This did help temporarily, but I felt that it only masked the injury and did NOT heal it, and after 6 months the pain would come back.

In April of this year ( 2019) a friend recommended that I try stem cell injections through Dr. Anne Marie Stilwell on Staten Island. I met with the doctor and she explained that the stem cell injections would actually heal the damaged muscles and that she could treat both legs at the same time in the same office visit. Even though I very apprehensive about the procedure I moved forward with it, and looking back now I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

After the procedure I was told to rest my legs for at least 3 months before doing any physical activity and in August started walking on a treadmill. After 5 months I started back running on the treadmill and can run for 30 minutes absolutely PAIN FREE.

I feel like I have 2 brand new legs again and I am 100 percent pain free and would highly recommend this procedure. Dr. Stilwell and her staff have been amazing and have called several times to follow up on my progress.

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who have muscle or sport injuries and are frustrated by conventional treatments. Thank you Dr. Stilwell and Rosetta

- John
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